Chapter 1:

Once nestled in the picturesque valleys along the beautiful rivers of Minnesota, a vibrant community thrived. Amidst the hustle and bustle of local markets, a group of individuals emerged, calling themselves the "Chasers". These everyday people, hailing from various walks of life, worked tirelessly to provide for their families, pursued higher education, and even owned businesses. They were an integral part of the community, seamlessly mingling with everyone else.


For a considerable period, the Chasers reveled in their shared passion. However, their harmonious world was abruptly disrupted by a devastating plague that swept across the globe, leaving chaos in its wake. Being a hobby-centric group, their beloved pursuit was unable to weather the storm. Shops shuttered, and card collecting became an underground affair as conglomerates gained dominance.


Yet, the spirit of the Chasers remained indomitable. Undeterred by the loss of their community, they doggedly continued to chase their cherished collections. Then, one fateful day, a vision sparked within one of their ranks. A full moon illuminated the night sky, thunderously echoing a message, "The valley dwellers need a card shop. You must safeguard the hobby and pass it on to the next generation."


Though trembling with trepidation, the visionary accepted the call. Dwindling in resources and homeless at the time, he embarked on an extraordinary journey, utilizing whatever tools he possessed to breathe life into the dream of the valley. With determination as his guide, the young man painstakingly built an online marketplace, enabling the local chasers to connect, avoid prolonged delays, and continue their cherished habit together.


What began as a humble gathering of kindred spirits grew into a thriving meet-up group. By 2024, their aspiration is to birth the nation's most exquisite card shop, a haven dedicated to preserving the art of sports card and memorabilia collecting while ensuring its legacy for the generations to come.


Join the movement of Valley Chase, where passion knows no bounds.