What is Valley Chase all about?

Valley Chase is committed to protecting and preserving this great pastime and hobby we know and love. 

Have you ever come across someone who used to collect sports cards?

  • It's intriguing when we hear the phrase "used to," regardless of whether they were a child or an adult.
  • During numerous conversations, we have discovered that many individuals leave this hobby due to negative experiences with others involved in the same hobby.
  • It could be a local shop offering an unfairly low value for a collection, a disappointing trade, or unfortunate incidents like losses or thefts.

That's why our primary aim in establishing this business is to create a supportive community where collectors can freely share ideas, learn together, access valuable educational resources about different card types, and be well-equipped to handle the exciting highs and challenging lows of this hobby.

If we all Protect collectors, preserve the hobby. It's that simple. If we preserve the hobby, it continues to grow and spread more joy across the planet! 

Protecting the hobby, short term: 

  • We offer "Mystery Boxes" with significantly higher "Floors" than others. So many people pay $300 for a box and walk away with $100 in value. 
  • We have hand curated Our limited edition Series Boxes to offer a product with a much higher floor value and still maintaining a high ceiling with major hits! 
  • Educating and helping people navigate their collections. 
  • Creating a community for the River Valley Collectors. 
  • Offering "Collector Starter Kits" to ensure easy access to those new to the hobby space and knowledge 

Protecting the hobby, long term: 

All big ideas take cash right? So long term let's just say we have some big plans, and are going places together. 

  • Open a storefront in 2024 is the goal. 
  • by 2026 launch an App that is a service to help support collectors in their daily chasing endeavors. (That's all we can share for now) 

Our long-term vision involves having a physical store filled with an endless array of inventory in the River Valley, MN region. We want to assist customers in finding authentic "Hobby" products instead of just retail items, which often yield mediocre returns on investment.

We see ourselves as passionate advocates for the local community, fully committed to driving the hobby forward TOGETHER! 

Therefore, to all the Valley Dwellers and fellow chasers reading this, we extend a warm invitation to come and join the Valley Chase alongside us! 

Thanks for stopping in. - VALLEY CHASE