We are giving away 100 of our Valley Santa Sports Card boxes/bags!! We want to pass the hobby on to the next generation, if you would like to sign up, we would LOVE to spread some holiday cheer to you or a child in your life who would enjoy some free cards on us.


No strings attached, we love this hobby and want to pass it on to the next generation. Our opinion on a few of the benefits for kids collecting cards: 

  • Alternative to screen time and electronics. 
  • We believe Card Collecting teaches valuable life lessons and is an excellent pass time for kids to get into. We can explain more if you'd like to connect. 
  • Social interaction and parental bonding time. 
  • Self control, learning to preserve and take care of items, sorting and patience.
  • Sports cards are generally affordable, it's not a highly expensive hobby and you can usually get a decent card for as little at $1. 
  • Learning strategy and taking pride in building something. 
  • A sense of achievement and success upon completion of a set or acquisition. 
  • Many many many more... 

How do I get a free box for a child in my life? Contact below: 

We are having a card show on 12.9.23 from 9am-4pm - you can pick up your free box or bag (Pending supplies), just come to the Valley Chase booth and communicate this! - We can't wait to meet you!

Card show Address: 551 Belle Ave., Suite B, Mankato, MN 56001 

The free card giveaway is 1 FREE Valley Santa Box or bag (Pending availability). 

Each box will have a variety of sports cards, Football, MLB, Basketball, etc. 

No purchase required for the free 1 valley santa, it is free. 

1 Free Valley Santa Box/bag per child. 

We encourage the concept of generosity, if they have a friend they would like to give one to, we may be able to give them an extra one, pending how many are left. All subject to supply/availability. 

We understand everyone has a different comfort level around coming to a card show, or meeting up locally. 

We want to approach this with total respect, so please contact below if you'd like a box another way and would prefer not to pick up your box at the card show. 

Please reach out with any questions and have a wonderful day! 


**If you are a collector reading this and want to participate, please contact or contact @valleychase via social media for quickest response - I would love to connect and we could use the help**